The D2 Award is the highest recognition award presented by the Missouri Chapter of APWA. It was established in 1992 to recognize individuals who exemplify excellence and dedication in serving the public and the public interest through outstanding achievements and performance in the field of Public Works.
The DAward was named to commemorate and recognize the services of Mr. Allan B. Dieckgraefe and Mr. Walter Davison, who both worked untiringly on behalf of APWA, the Missouri Chapter and the goals of the organization.

1993 Allan B. Dieckgraefe, City of University City
1994 Walter Davison, City of Kirksville
1995 J.T. Yarnell, Missouri Department of Transportation
1996 Bryan Pearl, City of Clayton
1997 Robert Turner, City of Springfield
1998 Lowell Patterson, City of Columbia
1999 Joe Nichols, St. Charles County
2000 Vijay Bhasin, City of Creve Coeur
2001 David Miller, City of Branson
2003 Phil Broyles, City of Springfield
2004 Chris Yarnell, Cole County
2005 Harold McCoy, City of Joplin
2006 John Buckwalter, City of Kirksville
2007 Gary Kramer, City of Ballwin
2008 Brian McGownd, City of Chesterfield
2010 Cynthia Mitchell, City of Columbia
2014 Mike Geisel, City of Chesterfield
2015 Kenneth Stumpf, Bartlett & West
2016 Dale Houdeshell, City of Clayton
2017  Paul Verheyen, City of Webster Groves
2018  Nick Heatherly, City of Joplin
2019 Gary Scheipeter, City of Clayton
2020 Tod Fagan, Spire

2021 Bob Ruck, City of Manchester

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